Coursera is launching a new graphic design course called Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs

The company is launching its new graphic designer course, Graphic Design For Entrepreneurs, to be taught by an experienced graphic designer.

The course, which has been designed by a senior graphic designer at Google, will cover design principles, how to design websites and mobile apps and how to communicate with clients.

“We are excited to offer our students this important course in the hope that they can learn from the expert designers who have created some of the most successful online courses in the world,” Courseras CEO and co-founder Matt Martin told TechCrunch.

“This course will help students learn the fundamentals of graphic design and its many applications.”

The course will be taught in-person at Courserás Silicon Valley office, and Courseràs will offer an online version of the course through the end of 2019.

Courseraa’s website states that the course will teach students to: “design websites, mobile apps, games, games consoles, and other devices for the purposes of learning and teaching”.

Courseracademy founder and chief executive officer Dan Seltzer told Tech Crunch that the company hopes that its course will offer students a chance to learn how to make their own online courses.

“It’s a great opportunity for people who have never been into online courses before to get a deeper understanding of the subject,” he said.

“There are a lot of great designers who know how to teach, and this course will give them the chance to practice.”

He added that Courserademy’s course is aimed at students from a range of backgrounds, and that the site will have a variety of design topics to choose from.

The company’s course, called Graphic Architecture for Entrepreneurial Excellence, will include courses that will take students through the process of creating designs for websites and apps.

Courses for the course have been launched as a way to attract students from across the industry.

“Students who have no previous design experience should definitely take this course,” Seltz said.

Coursers course will also focus on the business side of designing websites, he said, with topics including SEO, mobile and social media marketing.

“Most people do a lot in their day to day life, so it’s really important for them to have a design background,” Sastzer said.

The Courserae logo is a symbol of the Courserai Foundation, an educational charity founded in 2017 by Martin and the Coursers founders.

The founders have said they intend to use their expertise in digital design and design education to help bring about the “internet of value”.

Courses on design and technology will be available for students from September and October 2019, respectively.

“The course is intended to be the perfect introduction to the field of digital design, and to give students a good understanding of how to work with other design professionals,” Martin said.

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