Google’s new design for a new feature in the company’s mobile OS could be called ‘candy’

Google has released a new design that could be seen as a bit of a throwback to its early days in mobile phones, with the company giving a glimpse of the potential for a more sophisticated version of its Android smartphone OS.

The new design, titled Jellybean, is based on the look of Android 4.2, which was released in November 2011.

The idea behind the design is to make Jellybean feel more like a modern, “modern” version of the software, rather than a traditional, “classic” design.

Google’s design is based around the idea that Jellybean’s user interface, which includes the home screen, notifications and apps, is “firmly rooted in a digital future”.

“Jellybean” is also based around Google’s vision for the future of smartphones, which is one of openness, innovation and productivity.

“Jellies” future looks like a “modern day smartphone”, which would “bring the benefits of mobile to the people”, according to the blog post.

“In other words, a mobile that is not just about the device but the ecosystem, where everyone has access to the same experience,” it said.

“The next version of Android will offer new and exciting features that make our phones more like we love them and our lives.”

“Our goal is to enable everyone to enjoy the full range of their apps, from the simplest to the most advanced, on a phone that feels more like an Android phone,” the blog said.

It also said that Jellybeans future would be “designed around the needs of the people, not just the hardware”.

“This is why we will be building an experience that makes you happy,” it added.

“You are the people of the world, and we want you to enjoy it.”

Google has yet to confirm when Jellybeans next release, dubbed Jellybean 10, will come to market.

But the blog’s announcement of a release date for the new version is an interesting one for Google.

Earlier this month, Google launched a new service called Android Wear, which allows users to wear a smartwatch to their everyday life.

It is not clear if this will be an update to Jellybean or another Google design.

The Google Play Store is also updated regularly with new designs from the company.

Google has also been known to release new designs for its own devices, including the Pixel phones.

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