Graphic designer is getting paid for the work he does

Graphic design tools are not the only things designers are getting paid to create, but a lot of them are getting compensated for the same work they’re doing.

That’s according to new research from the Graphic Designers Guild (GDT) and the Graphic Designer Association of America (GDA), which surveyed nearly 5,000 graphic designers across the country.

The survey found that about 40% of graphic designers said they receive compensation for work they did in 2014 or earlier.

The median compensation for the most recent year was $11,100, and for the previous three years the median was $9,200.

The highest paid graphic designers were the graphic design industry’s top earners, with a median pay of $93,400.

And the lowest paid were graphic design teachers, with median pay just $7,400, according to the survey.

The research comes as graphic designers increasingly are being asked to create interactive content for companies and websites.

The rise of interactive marketing and web development has made the graphic designer an increasingly important part of the visual design process.GDT Executive Director Dan McKeown said, “The graphic design profession has been a great stepping stone for many young people to find their voice and pursue their dreams.”

“The graphic designer community is growing and it’s very important for them to keep up with the industry trends and advancements,” McKeow said.GDPI, the graphic designers guild, said that graphic design professionals have long been recognized as the people who help companies and businesses design their websites and online experiences.

“The fact that so many designers are working with clients and employers is a testament to the power of their craft,” GDT president Chris Rydell said.

Rydell, who was a graphic designer before he started the GDT, said he thinks the industry’s focus on creating interactive, digital content can be traced back to the 1980s, when the graphic industry’s main tool was the color wheel.

“There was a time when color was king,” Rydel said.

“I think it was a combination of the fact that the color industry had a lot more resources, but also a lack of recognition for the graphic arts and the graphic community.”

“So when people began to create websites and interactivity on the web and other interactive formats, they began to rely on the graphic artist,” Rysell said, adding that many designers also created interactive web pages and video games.

The GDT survey also found that graphic designers’ incomes have increased at an alarming rate in recent years.

Graphic designers made $8,500 in 2015, down from $11 the previous year, but $17,600 in 2013.

In the year since the GDA surveyed graphic designers, median compensation rose by 22% to $84,100.

The median pay for the highest paid was $87,500.

And for the lowest paying were graphic designers at $5,500, according.

The graphic designers surveyed said they often face a lot from clients and potential employers.

Rysell explained, “I’ve seen the cost of getting your designs on a client’s website and making a client happy skyrocket.

So what we’re trying to do is help our profession to be better equipped to do this.”

The GDA also noted that some graphic designers who work in the graphic and web design fields are getting rewarded for their work.

The GDA said the median compensation of graphic design and web designers in 2014 was $93.90.

That median pay was higher than the median for the entire graphic design professional population.

“We have a lot in common with the graphic art community,” Rynell said in the GDC newsletter.

“We both like to create work that entertains.

And it’s a great way to earn money.””

We want to empower our designers and artists to take care of the clients’ needs, be part of their culture and be part and parcel of the future of design.”

For more information on how to apply to the Graphic Assistant Certification Program, contact Michelle DePuy or contact Jennifer Schott at 646-2159.

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