Graphic designer resumes: Where are they?

Recode: Graphic designer resume stories: Where to find the best job opportunities?

Recode editor Rebecca Traister and tech editor Sami Ayoub spoke to hundreds of candidates and their resume stories.

In our latest installment, they’ve compiled a list of the top 10 resume stories of 2018.


The Top Graphic Design Jobs for Graphic Designers 1.

How to apply for a graphic designer job.

Recode/Sami A Youb Graphic design jobs are increasingly important in 2018, with employers increasingly seeking a designer who can design, design, or design-related work.

In the first installment of our Graphic Design jobs for Graphic Designer series, we talked to thousands of candidates about their resumes and what to look for when looking for the best jobs.

Now, we’re looking to you to find out how to apply to graphic design jobs, and what you need to know before you apply.


Top Graphic Designer Jobs for Software Engineers.

Recodes/Samie Ayoubi Graphic design is a highly-specialized field in the tech world, where developers need to be creative, technically proficient, and have a strong understanding of how technology works.

If you’re an experienced software engineer looking for a new job, we know you’ll love our interactive graphic design portfolio to help you choose the right job for you.


Top Design Jobs For Web Developers.

Recoded/Samia D. Zielinski If you want to work in the digital marketing field, we’ve got the best graphic design portfolios available for your next project.

You’re the perfect candidate for a successful digital marketing design portfolio.


Top Designer Jobs For Software Engineers in Mobile and IoT.

Recoding/Samit B. Varma This graphic design designer is the type of designer that can bring together the best of both worlds, designing graphics and software, in a single job.


Top UX Designer Jobs In the field of UX design, we look for a creative, hands-on approach to software design.

You can work in a team with the help of an experienced team member.

We’re not just talking about creating an elegant interface.

We want to bring in a lot of fresh ideas and bring together your team in a fun way.


Top UI Designer Jobs in Mobile.

Recodec/Samiel B. Zulkii If you love the idea of creating a user interface, we’d love to see how you’d design a simple website or app in the field.

We also know that a UI designer has a great sense of style and will be able to combine it with the user’s needs and interests.


Top Mobile Developer Jobs In 2018, there’s a great opportunity to make a name for yourself in the software industry.

This designer has experience in all the areas of mobile, from HTML5 to design for mobile.


Top Web Design Jobs in 2018.

Recods/Samita D. Vimalis There are more than 1.2 million job openings for Web designers in 2018 and you don’t have to be a master of design to fill them.

Recoder editor Rebecca D. Traister talked to dozens of candidates, looking for information to help them select a job they’re passionate about.


Top Computer Vision Jobs in the Graphic Design field.

Recodo/Makarz D. Chodichnik We love a good graphic designer.

We think a well-rounded candidate with design skills can create a beautiful website with amazing graphics.

Recos/Mateusz W. Groszak A designer who has great Photoshop skills and design experience can combine it all with a solid understanding of algorithms and web design.


Top Human Interface Design Jobs In 2017, the field was in a bit of a frenzy with a number of job postings from designers looking for work.

But you’ll have to go into more detail to find what you’re looking for.

We have you covered.

Here’s a list.

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