Graphic designer wins ‘Designers of the Year’ award

A graphic designer who designed the designs for the film “The Martian” is now being hailed as the best design in the industry.

Bharati Pandey, a 25-year-old graphic designer from the western Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, won the awards in the field of Design of the year and design of the month categories at the 2017 Design Awards in London, according to a statement.

“The Martian is a film that tells a tale of humanity’s exploration of Mars.

This film was nominated for the design of year, and it was a major achievement for me.

I was inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the Martian landscape, and the impact the film has had on the lives of millions of people,” he said in a statement by the Madhya Prime Minister’s Office.”

My design was a reflection of my personal values and what I had learned from my studies at the Indian Institute of Design (IIT).”

It was a collaboration between me and a graphic designer named Amit Kumar,” he added.

Mr Pandey is the first Indian to win the Design of a Year award and the first woman to win Design of Month awards.

The film is about the journey of a human who leaves his planet for another one. “

I was inspired to create the film through my own research and a conversation with the team members of the IIT Madras, and through my experiences at the IISc.

The film is about the journey of a human who leaves his planet for another one.

I believe that all of us can have a hand in creating a future where we can all live and work together in harmony,” he told reporters after winning the award.

Ms Kumar said the award came as a big shock.

“This was a very difficult time for me and my family as I had just left my home to pursue my degree in design at IIT Bombay.

We had planned to return to India soon after finishing my degree, but the trip was cancelled as we were all very worried about the safety of our families,” she said.

The design of The Martian is described as an exploration film that follows an astronaut named Andy, who travels to Mars to find his family.

He eventually meets a group of alien beings called Engineers and becomes a father figure to them.

The film, directed by Ridley Scott, is currently in production.

It has been awarded multiple awards including the best film, best cinematography and best costume design.

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