I’m a Graphic Designer for $2,500 an Hour

article The price for a graphic designer to work on an indie project is $2.50 an hour, according to a new report.

The article, written by Mashable and published today by Quartz, shows an illustrator earning $2 an hour.

The article, by an illustrative design company, said the salary for graphic designers ranged from $1,500 to $3,000.

Quartz did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The pay ranges were based on the average hourly earnings of all illustrators working for the same company, according a statement from the company.

The statement added that the median pay for graphic design professionals was $2 per hour.

“If you work with an illustration and you are willing to be a part of the process, you’ll earn $2/hour, even if you’re not the best illustrator in the room,” the statement reads.

In its original post, Quartz wrote that the illustrator would get paid by the hour, based on how much they were able to draw.

“As a result, the salary will vary based on your skillset and work-hour structure,” the article reads.

The company also noted that, according the Quartz article, a graphic design is considered an independent entity, and that illustrators can be offered a contract and work from home, while freelancers can be given a paid contract.

Quartz noted that it did not know the exact amount of money a graphic artist is earning.

The story also points out that freelance illustrators, who are generally paid more than graphic designers, are more likely to work in an office environment.

Quartz notes that freelancers tend to have more flexibility in how they work, and “the vast majority of graphic designers are either freelance or full-time employees.”

“In the past, we have found that it was the artists who would do most of the work in a project, and the work would be completed in under one week,” the Quartz report reads.

“Now, with freelancers, the majority of work is completed in less than a week, and they typically do more of the art, such as creating posters, layouts, and digital design.”

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