I’m a ‘super geek’ who likes to write comic books and movies

I’m a “super geek,” a writer and artist who writes comics, animated shows and movies.

I love to draw and I love movies.

And now I have a website where you can buy my comics.

The website, gawker.com, features comic books, movies and books that are made by or about me, my friends, my family, and my favorite authors.

I’ve worked with some of my favorite creators on projects ranging from the wildly popular Image Comics to the acclaimed Dark Horse Comics.

I’m the creator of the webcomic The Daedalus Chronicles and the creator and editor of the award-winning comic book anthology series Daedalias.

What’s new for 2017?

As a fan of comic books for so long, I was excited to see how the new year would go.

I had some time to reflect on how my life has changed since my days as a comic book fan and how my love for storytelling, characters, and storytelling-making has evolved.

I had to pick my battles, I have to keep going, and I have new challenges to face.

But my favorite thing about 2017 has been the outpouring of support for the Daedalis Chronicles anthology.

The amazing stories from all over the world are being shared on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Reddit.

We’ve had hundreds of messages from readers, fans, artists, creators, and authors from all corners of the globe, including a huge influx of women.

I have so much to thank you all for.

You’ve made it easier for me to do this.

You guys have given me the confidence to go after these amazing stories, and you guys have made my year.

I can’t thank you enough. 

My goal is to get the word out.

I want to make sure the D.C. area gets to see and hear stories from my favorite characters.

I also want to show that Daedalos stories are still being told.

I know there’s still a long way to go before the DED is out, but it’s my hope that you will all support this project as we go.

My hope is that we can bring a lot of joy to people in the DC area, and even beyond the DC region.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

I’ll keep posting updates on my website and on twitter.

Thanks for reading and for supporting me and Daedales work!

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