‘I’m just a normal guy’: Graphic designer breaks down his life and career

Graphic designer Daniella Vitelli’s life and work are both extraordinary.

She’s a graphic designer, author, and photographer.

Her latest book, The Girl Who Couldn’t Sleep, tells the story of her life and how it changed when she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015.

Vitellis also writes about her personal journey and her life with cancer and mental health issues, as well as her career as a graphic artist.

She was in a wheelchair for the first time when she got cancer in March 2015, and then in a medically induced coma for nearly two months.

It was a terrible experience, but it was a journey that changed her.

When I first got diagnosed with cancer, I was very emotional, but I also knew I had to do something, so I just focused on my physical and mental recovery.

I had a lot of anxiety.

I didn’t want to be like everyone else who was afraid to take a risk and went to a doctor.

I wanted to be me.

I knew I needed a lot more than that.

I went to three different doctors.

I was told there was no way I was going to survive.

Then I went to the cancer specialist who said I could have it in about two weeks.

That was it.

I felt so powerless and helpless and I just wanted to die.

I was terrified.

I kept asking, “Why me?”

I knew they would say, “I don’t know, but you should.”

I told them I had no idea why.

But they were right.

I’m a very optimistic person.

I’m always optimistic.

I know what’s going to happen and how important it is for me to be there to help people.

I just felt so much hope that it was going for the right reasons.

I knew it was not going to be an easy journey.

It took me five months to go through the chemo, and by the end, it was kind of like a slow death.

It didn’t seem like there was any hope.

I wasn’t going to make it through that.

I thought, “No way, I can’t make it.”

And I was wrong.

I think I came out the other side a different person.

I felt that I was so different from the others who had been through chemo.

I have so many emotions, and I had just been through it with my own mind.

I did things that I couldn’t have done before.

I got to be creative and I have a way of talking to people that I haven’t done before because I didn to be so quiet.

I went from being quiet to being someone who could talk.

I really want to help other people with mental health.

I love to talk to people, but also I am very introverted.

I don’t like being alone.

I can be a little bit loud when I am with people, and when I don to be quiet.

When people see that, I think they’re going to connect with me more, and that’s great.

It’s like they have a friend with a mental health issue.

It gives them an outlet.

It can be really therapeutic.

I am a very introvert person.

So I have always been really introverted, and as a young person, I wasn´t very social.

It is hard to explain to people who have never been around a mental illness that people who are introverted can be like that.

That is just part of it.

It is difficult to understand.

It really is.

It takes a lot to be introverted when you have cancer, especially when you are in a coma.

You can’t speak, you can’t understand people, you just don’t feel like you belong.

When you’re in a mental state where you are being treated like a person, and you’re not doing anything but waiting to die, it’s difficult to really understand how you can cope with it.

I’ve always wanted to work in graphic design.

I loved the idea of graphic design and I love the people that make it possible.

I started off in fashion design, and it was my dream to be a graphic design designer.

I found it really difficult to find jobs.

I could go to design school, but there was not enough funding, and my father was not very financially successful.

So when I finally did go to school, it took me about four years to find the money to go there.

When it was over, I had about $150,000 in savings.

I spent that money, and for the last four years, I have worked really hard to get to that point where I can start doing graphic design for myself.

I have been a graphic director for almost a decade now.

I like to think that I am an independent artist, and not a front-line, front-end, front office designer.

But it is a big part of my job.

The most important thing is to make the client

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