Polygon editor Dan Kois talks about the new design trends and what’s next

Polygon: The new design trend for 2018.

Polygon: What are some of the trends that are trending in 2018?

Dan Kois: The most common trend for us is the idea that the digital universe is now divided into three separate, interconnected worlds, each with its own rules, rules that are being written into a set of guidelines, and we’re seeing a lot of that in 2017 and 2018.

We see the emergence of the digital world as a kind of unified, universal language.

We’re starting to see designers and artists working together to create things like the “world” of the game and the “game world” of a story, but the world of the story is also the world we’re creating and the world the designer is creating, and there’s a lot more to the digital realm than that.

We’ve seen this in the way we’re doing our “design space” design and in our interactive spaces, like the interactive world of “Minecraft,” and also the design space of “TinyBuild.”

We also see a shift from the traditional design pattern that is essentially a linear structure, where you start with the basic concept, you work your way up, and then you have the details, and all the details become more and more important, because they become the core of the experience, and as you work with more and MORE details, you begin to realize the whole thing has a kind, almost like an invisible hand, which is creating all these worlds, and you’re working with all these different worlds.

I’ve seen an increase in the number of different kinds of designers who have the tools and know-how to make a digital game and a digital art piece, which we’re calling “artists,” and who are creating those things digitally and creating them in different kinds.

It’s also become easier to do.

I think we’re going to see more and further experimentation in the ways we’re building games and the way games are made.

I see more people making art for games, and I think that’s going to change a lot in the next five to 10 years.

And I think this is where you’re going from where we started five years ago, and it’s also where I’m coming from.

So there are many different kinds, and they all require the same skills.

You have to be able to think like an artist, and that means you need a certain skill set, you need to have the creativity and the ability to do it all on your own.

But I also think that you’re looking at designers and art directors, for example, who can take the ideas they create and create something that’s very personal and very personal, and for some people, it might be for their own personal projects.

I think it’s going in the right direction.

I just think that it’s too early to talk about a whole bunch of these things.

I mean, we’ll probably see more of it in the years to come.

It all depends on the direction that the industry takes.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the game industry.

I’m not really sure what I’m expecting from the games industry, though.

I do think there’s going, I guess, to be a huge increase in competition in terms of how the games are produced, and some of those things are good.

But as far as the art, I think there are so many people making stuff that’s amazing, that’s unique, that doesn’t belong anywhere else, that you can’t really compare it to anything else, but if you’re in the games business, it’s all about what you make.

And that’s not something that can be replicated or copied.

It just depends on how much you love it and how much it makes you feel like you’re making something special.

So I do think we have a lot to look forward to in the future, because it’s really interesting to think about how to build a new kind of world, and how to create a new world that’s a little bit more inclusive and not really beholden to any one particular style of the past, or any particular brand of art or whatever.

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