The future of design is digital, but it’s not so different from today

A new generation of designers is looking to break the barriers between traditional and digital, according to a report from a major design firm.

“This is the first time we have seen a design firm think of an entire sector of design as being digital,” the report from KPMG states.

“The digital revolution is already here and, in fact, is being shaped by the very people we are designing for.”

Digital designers are now using the internet to share their work online, and they’re now the largest digital market for design, according the report.

It states that the number of digital designers in the US is now increasing from around 5,000 to 12,000 people per year.

“Digital design is evolving from being an artisanal process into a more professional and integrated process that allows designers to build digital portfolios, build websites and generate revenue from digital sales,” the KPM, an international design and consulting firm, said in a press release.

“Today, there are about 100 digital design agencies, with more than 3,000 designers on the global market.”

It also noted that digital designers are increasingly adopting the digital platform Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, with a majority of their work being produced on mobile platforms.

This means that digital design now has an opportunity to become a bigger part of the overall design market, with the rise of mobile devices.

“By 2020, the majority of digital design work will be produced on digital platforms, including tablets and smartphones,” the firm said.

“At the same time, the number and size of traditional design agencies is set to grow rapidly, with over 7,000 digital design and marketing firms already operating in the U.S.”

It is estimated that there are around 200,000 U.K. design agencies in the market.

The KPM report noted that while the overall market is still growing, there is a “pause” in growth.

“As the demand for digital design increases, we anticipate the overall trend towards digital will continue to accelerate,” it said.

While it is impossible to predict the future of the digital design industry, the KAM report suggests that the future will not be the same as the past.

“Designers are more engaged and more engaged in their work, they are creating more content, and digital is becoming a much more integrated process,” it stated.

“These new technologies allow designers to work collaboratively on a single page, with no longer the need for separate layouts or multiple screens.”

While there are many digital design disciplines, digital design is the most significant category, and designers need to work together to create great design products that will be a part of every user’s life.

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