The new Donald Trump’s ‘birther’ conspiracy theory

“I will never forgive the Obama administration,” Trump declared.

“I know it is, I will never forget it.

And you know what, I’ll be going back to school and I’ll get a job, too.”

The President-elect then pivoted to a series of policy proposals that have been made on the campaign trail and which have been endorsed by both Republicans and Democrats, with both sides saying they will bring jobs back to the US.

But the real estate mogul’s campaign has focused more on the fact that he is the first person in history to call for the death penalty for the crime of “stalking”.

In his first major policy speech in the Oval Office, the President-Elect described his vision for a more “respectful” US society, with a focus on protecting the rights of LGBT people, and called for a complete revamp of the criminal justice system.

Trump also suggested that US laws on rape and domestic violence should be changed to include the transgender community.

The plan is part of Trump’s plan to change the criminal code to be more “progressive” and more “liberal” than the previous administration’s “more conservative” and “conservative” approach.

But while many Republicans have been supportive of his plan, many Democrats have criticised it.

The President Elect also promised to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep out undocumented migrants.

The wall, he said, will cost $10 billion and will be built “with no federal money”.

Trump has previously suggested building a wall around the US to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country.

He has also promised an “open border” with Mexico, and to increase border security.

He said that he wants to build the wall “to stop drugs from pouring in”.

He also pledged to increase the number of border patrol agents.

“We’re going to build our wall, and you’re going in with your family and you have to come out with your hands up and go home,” he said.

“You have to be treated with dignity and respect, you have no right to stay here.”

He also said he will ask Congress to pass a new version of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which grants undocumented immigrants a three-year reprieve from deportation, to ensure they can stay in the US legally.

“The DACA program, it’s a very generous program,” Trump said.

“[It’s] great for kids.

I’ve given them a lot of money, I’ve paid for their college, and they’ve been really terrific.”

Trump also said that Mexico will not pay for a new border wall between the US and Mexico, despite claims that the US has the world’s largest population of undocumented immigrants.

“Mexico is not going to pay for the wall,” Trump insisted.

“It is not a government-funded wall, that is going to cost a lot.

It will be paid for by Mexico.

We’re going down to the U.S. and we’re going after the Mexicans, we’re not going after anybody else.”

The Republican President-of-the-United-States has been on a crusade against President Barack Obama since he was first elected in 2008.

Trump has also said Mexico will pay for an “inaugural wall”, an assertion that has been repeatedly rebuked by the Mexican government.

However, in his speech in front of the US Capitol on Wednesday, Trump did not mention the wall or the Mexican peso.

“This country will never be Mexico again,” he warned.

“What is happening is a disgrace.

And the Mexican people have been the victims of a long history of stupidity, and I will make them pay for that.”

The Presidential election has seen an unprecedented amount of campaigning by the Republican candidate, with his campaign reaching its highest level since the primaries in 2016.

The Presidential candidate has also been criticised by members of the Republican Party for his handling of the race, with some leading members of that party calling for him to drop out of the running.

The Republican nominee has also faced accusations that he has been too divisive in his rhetoric.

Trump said that the media and the establishment media are the “enemy” of the American people.

“They are the enemy of the people,” he declared.

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