What to do if you want to design a graphic design course

Graphic design courses for students are increasingly popular, and for good reason.

Many schools offer courses on the subject, but many courses are still only a short walk away from a university.

Now, one such graphic design boot camp has opened in Mumbai, offering courses on graphic design and business management.

The course, called ‘Dive Into Graphic Design’ will be offered in a two-day course at the Pune campus of Mumbai Institute of Design and Technology (MIADT).

“Dive into Graphic Design: The Creative Life of an Expert’ aims to equip students with an understanding of graphic design as a profession.

Its aim is to provide students with practical and challenging ways of engaging with and applying graphic design principles to solve real-life problems,” said Dinesh Dhar, CEO of ‘Diverging from the Box’.

Dhar also added that the course will be open to all students who want to learn graphic design but are unable to attend the class.

“There is no limit to what you can learn in this course.

You can study graphic design in any discipline, whether it be business, art, design, graphic design for startups, and more,” he said.

This course will also include a live studio session with students.

The workshop is a part of the Graphic Design Bootcamp, which was launched by the Digital Innovation Institute in May this year.

It aims to train graphic designers for a variety of roles including graphic designers, designers and marketers.

“We want to give students the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in a global market.

We have chosen to focus on a global domain where students have the best chance of success,” said Jaspal Singh, CEO and co-founder of Digital Innovation, in a statement.

The digital start-up industry is booming, with over 150 million people in India spending over Rs.5 lakh annually on start-ups.

“Diving into Graphic Development” aims to provide a global platform for learning graphic design through a range of creative, interactive and creative design programs.

The online course is offered in two-week and four-week formats.

Students are required to take an assessment on their proficiency in their chosen field and then complete a brief course on how they can apply their knowledge to solve a problem.

The programme will last for five days.

For the four-day format, students are required for an online assessment and a live Studio Session, during which they will get feedback from the graphic design team and the students themselves.

Students will be encouraged to collaborate and discuss with the graphic designers on the design of their graphic design project.

For example, they can submit a mock-up, sketch, or concept of the project and the designers will review the project.

“I want to inspire students with the idea that they can design for themselves.

There is no need to ask for a project or a logo, because if you are a visual designer, you will know the visual identity of your product,” said Tushar Nangaraj, a graphic designer and founder of ‘DIynginee’ design and branding company.

“It is a way of learning a skill which they can use for a number of industries.

In this way, we will help young designers become better designers,” said Nangari.

In addition to visual design, students will also learn about business management, web design, and marketing.

“The focus of the course is to train students to be experts in their field.

The students will get practical experience in real-world situations, which will help them in their future career, as well as help them learn the skills of graphic designers.

The focus of this course is on design, which can lead to a job as a designer,” said Singh.

There are currently over 50 graphic design programs offering graphic design courses across the globe, according to Dhar.

“Most of these courses are not open to the public, but I hope this will be the start of a trend for other companies to open up their courses to students in India,” said Vicky Shah, director of the Digital Initiative at MIADT.

“This course is a perfect opportunity for students who are struggling to make ends meet, but are looking for the help of a digital company,” she added. 

Dhar also stressed that the ‘Diversity in Design’ programme is open to any organisation.

“All students can apply for the course, and they will be graded on their progress.

We also encourage students to speak with their peers about how they are progressing.

There will also be mentoring opportunities,” he added.

This is the second course offered by MIADE.

‘Diversifying Design’ was launched in January 2016 and has been offering courses in three-and-a-half different disciplines since then.

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