What’s the deal with the graphic design icon?

The logo has been a staple of modern web design for decades.

Now it’s getting a whole lot more complicated thanks to a new feature in Chrome that lets you define the icon’s size and color.

The feature was released in the Chrome 42 beta last week and was already in use in the beta of the upcoming Firefox 41 version.

That version of the browser has been under intense scrutiny for its use of ad blocking, which could have led to the change in the logo’s color.

However, in a statement to TechRadars, the team behind the new logo say they “never had a preference on the icon size” and that they’ve never seen an icon “that size” before.

This is the first time the team have actually used the new icon to make a change to a design.

The new design feature, however, isn’t available in Chrome 42.

“Chrome is a browser that has been around for almost two decades and it’s not uncommon to see logo changes in the browser’s core features,” a spokesperson for the team wrote in a blog post.

“With the logo changes that are currently being implemented, we were able to make the most of these features and were able improve on the user experience in a significant way.”

The logo design feature is a major milestone in the evolution of the logo, and we look forward to bringing more changes to the logo in the future.

“The new icon is a little different than the icon that appears on a browser’s toolbar.

It looks a little more like a standard WebKit icon with a slightly darker shade of green.

However it still appears to be a “white” icon.

It also does not have the distinctive “dot” shape that can be seen on some icons.

The team behind Chrome said the new design will be used for more icon design.

The new design features in the Firefox 41 beta were first introduced in the Developer preview of the version of Firefox that is expected to arrive in the coming months.

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