When I used to play videogames, my wife said I was ‘cool’

In the years after high school, when I had already grown up in a small town in southern Israel, I used my childhood to pursue a career in the videogame industry.

I was fortunate enough to get a job at a studio that made videogames for Nintendo.

In those early years, I was given access to a lot of new technology and to the most popular video game franchises.

For me, it was a fantastic learning experience.

After graduation from the Israeli university of economics, I took a job working at a mobile game company.

There were other companies making video games in Israel, but I was lucky enough to work for one of the most famous and successful ones.

I had the privilege of working with some of the best people in the industry, and I was thrilled to join their team.

The first game I worked on for them was called Rocket League, which launched in 2005.

The game was based on a popular arcade game, Rocket League (later renamed to the popular League of Legends), which was created by a group of people from a group called The Rocket Lab, who were inspired by a video game called Rocketman.

The Rocketlab group was a small group of programmers, designers and artists who worked at a local university in Israel called Technion.

We had the opportunity to work with some very talented people, and it was also a great learning experience for me.

At the time, Technion was the biggest game development company in Israel.

We were also lucky enough that I had been selected to be the lead programmer on the game.

I spent several years working on the title before I was able to release it.

I have a pretty good reputation in the game industry, which is why I was hired as a game developer for Rocket League.

My role was mostly technical, and there was a lot I was very proud of.

Rocket League was the first title I worked with that was developed by a small team.

There was no money in the budget, but that was the beauty of the situation.

The only requirement was that I was willing to take on the challenge of creating a game that was unique and that was worth the effort.

It wasn’t rocket science, and that’s what made Rocket League such a rewarding experience.

It was also incredibly rewarding for me to get to work on a title that I’m so proud of, because the people who made it are my heroes.

Rocket league was not only the first game that I worked for, it is one of my most favorite memories.

In addition to working on Rocket League and making the game, I also had the chance to work alongside some of Israel’s top developers.

One of the things I was most proud of was the way that I managed to convince the people working at the Rocket Lab team to release the title to the public.

The reaction was very positive, and people were excited about it.

In a few years, the title went on to become the number one selling title in Israel in terms of the number of players.

I’m happy that I did it, because I had a really good feeling about the game at that time.

And, when you have a lot going on at the time and you’re working with people who are really dedicated, it’s very satisfying to be able to work in such a professional environment.

When I started working at Rocket Lab in 2010, it wasn’t like I had any experience in games development.

I’d never played any of the first-person shooters or the first person shooters like Doom or Quake.

The games that I’d been working on were a bit too complex and not in the interest of my brain.

At that point, I wasn’t even sure that I could make a game like Rocket League with a simple team.

After some discussions with the Rocketlab team, I decided that I would work on the project for myself.

I started by learning how to make a basic version of the game that would be playable on my computer.

The main challenge of Rocket League is that it was created using a lot more code than any other video game.

It’s quite a big challenge to do something that complex, so I had to learn a lot.

I learned a lot from working with a lot people, from the RocketLab team, and from the community.

I became very good at how to work within the team, from developing the game to making sure that it ran properly.

It took me some time to adjust to the new environment.

It also took me a while to adjust the game’s mechanics to the standards of the industry.

It became obvious that Rocket League needed a more robust physics engine.

RocketLeague was one of those games that was originally designed to run on the Xbox 360.

It ran well on the PS3 and the Xbox One.

Rocket Lab was a very small company at the beginning of RocketLeague’s life.

In the beginning, I thought that I couldn’t do it

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