When the NHL takes over, will the league be better off for it?

By now, you’ve probably seen some images of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman talking about the league’s new ownership group.

The team will now be run as a publicly-held company, which means it will have no control over the NHL’s decisions.

Bettman said the new owners have already “started to do the work to build a more successful team and an even more successful league.”

So, if you’re going to talk about the NHL in the United States, this is definitely a place to start.

The problem with the term “publicly-held” is that it means that there’s no one at the top of the company who owns the NHL.

That means that no one can vote on how much money the team makes or how the league is run.

And even if the owners were able to vote, that would likely be a rare occurrence.

The owners are currently split evenly between two parties: Bettman, the league president, and the majority owners, including former owner George Gosbee, and former general manager Steve Yzerman, who was replaced by Bettman last week.

But the new ownership is a much larger entity, and that means that they’re not able to directly vote on the NHLs business.

And so, it’s up to the NHL to make decisions that benefit the entire league.

And that’s where the graphic design comes in.

Here’s the basic gist of what the new NHL will look like.

It will have six different divisions.

The NHL will be led by the Commissioner, who will be elected by the owners each season, and will have the power to make or overturn the leagues decisions.

But for the most part, the owners are only going to have a vote on six of the 12 owners.

Each division will have an owner and the following four individuals: the general manager, the coach, and their deputy.

The deputy will have a role in the league.

The GM will have to serve as the league vice president, a position that will include advising on all decisions made by the league, including contracts.

And each team owner will have their own assistant coach who will play a crucial role in building a winning team.

So what does all this mean?

The graphic design has a lot of elements.

The logo and colors will be created by The American League, which will be the official logo for the league (and, naturally, that means the new logo and color are all the same).

And there will be a new league logo.

The new colors and logo are meant to look similar to the current colors of the NHL, and they’re meant to be neutral.

This is all meant to bring new fans to the league while also keeping the NHL recognizable.

But I don’t think it’s too complicated to see why that’s the case.

There will be six different colors for the new logos.

The league is also going to be using a new logo that looks like the one that was used by the Atlanta Thrashers, which is not a particularly nice look.

And the league will also be using an older logo that looked similar to that used by Chicago Blackhawks, which, again, is not something I would have ever expected to see.

What all this means for the fans, however, is that they’ll have more control over their team and the way the league operates.

That’s good news for the hockey fans.

The players, who have to compete against teams in the same division as them, will no longer be competing against each other.

The fans, who can see the league for the first time, will also have more information about what the team is doing.

The graphic designers also want to take a look at how the fans will see the new jerseys.

Because the league uses jersey design as a way to advertise the team’s new uniforms, the designers are using a combination of classic and contemporary designs.

The jerseys will look great, and it will also look good for fans who aren’t fans of the current team.

And this will give the fans more of an insight into what they might want to wear in the future.

There are a few more graphic elements in the new uniforms.

The majority of the jerseys will be based on the classic uniforms of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, while the rest will be modern.

There will be some variation for the team jerseys, as well.

And there’s going to need to be some sort of tiered system for jerseys, because the league wants to differentiate the different teams based on their uniforms.

All of that sounds pretty simple, right?

The graphics look good, the jerseys look good — there’s really not a lot to talk too much about, but that’s what this whole discussion is all about.

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