When the snow hits Chicago: The first winter storm hits the Windy City

A storm is in the air and people are trying to get through their winter-weary days.

The storm is expected to bring some snow to the Chicago area this weekend.

The snowfall is expected by early Sunday, but is expected only in parts of the city.

The National Weather Service says the storm will bring up to 2 feet of snow.

That’s what will hit the Windward Side.

The Windward side is a neighborhood of Lake Michigan, home to a number of schools.

It’s a neighborhood that is known for its snow.

But this weekend, the snow will be the biggest in Chicago in years.

And it will likely hit in parts where the lake is at its most shallow.

The Lake Michigan National Seashore says it expects the first snowfall to fall in parts south of the lake.

The Seashoe says the lake in the city is at a low, which will mean the lake’s water level will be low, and the water will be high.

The water level is a key indicator of water levels, so the lake can go up and down quickly during a storm.

The lake is about 2 feet below the surface, so there’s a lot of water there.

It will be quite heavy.

But Lake Michigan is not the only source of heavy snow in Chicago.

The city has seen heavy rain and wind, and some areas will see as much as 4 feet of rain, the National Weather Services says.

That includes parts of Chicago’s western suburbs, including Chicago’s downtown.

The worst storm to hit Chicago this weekend is expected on Sunday, the first time the city has had a storm with such heavy rainfall since December 2012.

And the worst storm in decades is expected.

The Chicago weather is typically pretty calm, and people aren’t complaining about the weather, according to NBC Chicago’s Tim Kring.

But with so much rain coming, it could be difficult to find a parking space, Kring said.

That could mean a lot more parking for vehicles to get stuck, and make it even more dangerous for motorists, he said.

The weather service has released a warning for the Windwins Side, where the storm is forecast to hit.

If you’re in or near the Windiwins Side on Sunday or Monday, keep an eye on the Wind Waker and check your forecasts.

It says that the storm may cause flooding.

But the weather service says it doesn’t expect that to be a problem for people in the area.

Weather experts have been predicting the snowstorm for weeks, but have had to be patient.

The Weather Service is expecting more snow, and has been warning people to stay home and stay indoors.

But they have said that could change as the storm moves farther south.

The rain will be heavy enough to cause some flooding, and there could be severe thunderstorms in the Wind, Krings said.

This is a really big one, and we could see it be the worst in years, KRing said.

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