When will it be cool to be black?

Black people have had their lives turned upside down for centuries, but it seems that they’re not quite ready to let go of that history.

For the most part, the idea of becoming black has been met with a shrug, as the majority of black Americans have been white for the better part of a century.

In recent years, however, the trend of becoming white has taken on new life, with some major white celebrities embracing it and others taking a step back from it altogether. 

In the wake of this trend, some people have come up with creative solutions to help black people reclaim their past.

The idea of creating art to help bring their past to light, and then moving forward from there, is a powerful one, and one that has been championed by artist and writer A.D. Wong. 

Wong has created art to create a history of black America that can be seen and appreciated, even if it’s not always welcomed. 

“I’m very passionate about art, and I’m passionate about telling the stories of black people,” Wong said.

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor.

When I was in my early twenties, I just wanted to go into a bar and dance.

But I was the first black person in my town, and there were no black doctors.” 

Wang was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but moved to New York City at age five, to attend an art school.

He studied graphic design at Columbia University, and spent the next 20 years pursuing his dream.

He has since become a well-known graphic designer, working on everything from comic books to TV shows, including the ABC sitcom The Blacklist, and currently is working on a series of comic books. 

He said he wants to tell the stories and characters of black lives through his work. 

It’s something that Wong has been working on for a long time.

In his new book, “Worst of White America,” Wong is attempting to write a history and a history-making graphic novel, which he says he hopes will help change the way people look at history. 

If you’re feeling lost, Wong suggests taking a break from the news and instead focusing on the characters and events in your life.

Wong believes that the more you see yourself reflected in the stories that are being told, the better you will be able to process the world around you.

“If you take a moment to look around, look at what is going on, and reflect on what your world is, you’ll realize how much more you can take in and what you can create,” Wong explained.

“The more you become aware of your place in the world, the more powerful it is for you to be able understand yourself and to be in control of your life.” 

I want to be an art student, Wong said, and it is a great time to be doing so.

He said he is looking forward to the future, and is looking for any students or artists that want to do the same. 

When it comes to creating art for the black community, Wong is not a newcomer.

He is well-versed in the history of art, particularly in the arts and design field.

In 2010, Wong founded the Black Graphic Design program at Columbia.

He also founded Black Digital Media in 2015, a studio dedicated to creating digital media that is inclusive of all races and backgrounds. 

What are your favorite art projects?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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