Which graphics designer was responsible for the 1930s basketball team that won NBA titles?

The team, the New York Knicks, won the 1930 NBA championship with a 3-pointer by Paul Westphal, a graphics designer at the firm that was the forerunner of the modern graphic design firm.

“He’s the guy who invented the whole idea of the 3-point shot,” says Steve Bartram, a sports historian and former adviser to Bill Gates.

The Knicks also won the 1939 World Series.

Bartram says the team’s first two players were both graphics designers: George Jackson and Frank A. King.

They were both born in Brooklyn, and Jackson was the son of a prominent Brooklyn politician.

When he was a boy, Jackson worked as a waiter in Brooklyn.

After he was drafted into the Army, Jackson joined the military as a young man and went on to win three medals for valor.

He was also the architect of the Brooklyn Nets, the first team in baseball history to win an NBA championship.

Jackson died in 1971, and the team moved to New York to stay.

In an interview with The American Conservatives, Bartram recalls that when the team played the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1945 All-Star Game, the Knicks scored 81 points to beat them by 12.

I remember hearing a story from an agent, he said, and I said, “I know a guy in New York.

I can help you find the guy.”

Bartram says that agent said, in a whisper, “Look, this guy has been to the Brooklyn Knicks, they’ve won three championships.”

The agent asked, “Who?”

And Bartram replied, “A guy named Frank Westphal.”

Bartrams book is called “The New York Basketball Team of 1935-1939: The Knicks’ Incredible Rise to Glory.”

Barkley says he remembers a reporter in the 1960s asking Bartram if he knew anyone who would make the team.

Bartram had a close friend in the basketball business, and Bartram told him the story.

The story was picked up by The Associated Press and was featured in a story on the Knicks’ first three championship teams.

A spokesman for the team declined to comment.

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