Why Are The New Top Graphic Designers Getting Screwed?

It’s a new year, and it seems as though many of the top graphic designers in the world are losing their jobs to the latest wave of computer graphics.

In fact, the industry is in a “death spiral” that could see more than half of all graphic designers laid off over the next five years, according to a report from McKinsey and Company.

While it’s difficult to quantify how many jobs are being lost due to the onslaught of artificial intelligence (AI), it is likely that at least half of the current crop of designers are being forced out of the industry.

“In the past 10 years, the demand for graphic design has soared,” McKinsey noted in the report.

“This is a trend that could continue.”

In fact, many of these designers are already seeing their salaries drop significantly.

The report noted that graphic design is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US, and some are now being forced to take jobs that would otherwise be filled by other creative professions.

The report noted a number of high-profile examples, including a recent example of a young designer, J.M. Dix, who quit his job at Adobe to pursue a career in design.

He is now the lead designer at a new startup called Graphic Design Insights, which uses machine learning to create new graphics for clients.

The startup, which has been growing steadily, recently added an AI component to its work.

Dix, whose work is often seen as “futuristic,” is one example of one of a growing number of designers being forced into a less glamorous career, like graphic design.

As the report noted, while many graphic designers are “losing jobs,” they are also getting sucked into the rapidly growing AI industry.

The study concluded that, by 2025, the computer graphics industry could be in a death spiral, with only 4.5 percent of the market left.

While many of those graphic designers may be “retiring” due to a combination of job cuts and the ever-present threat of AI, some are still able to get by.

A former employee of one graphic designer told Bleacher, “I work as a graphic designer and I still get paid to do that.”

Another, a former illustrator, told the publication that she still manages to make enough money to keep herself employed, despite the impending doom.

This could be because her work is recognized as innovative, and not only is it still profitable for her to do, but it also allows her to live comfortably.

While the numbers are dire, many designers are taking some solace in the fact that they are still in the game.

“We’re doing our best to stay ahead of the curve and continue to innovate,” a designer told the magazine.

“And that’s what makes this job so fun.

If you don’t work hard, you don.

That’s what keeps us going.

The fact that we still are.”

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