Why did Apple’s iPad Pro launch delay the launch of its rival?

Apple’s launch of the iPad Pro was delayed, and many were concerned that it could become the biggest disruption in the smartphone market since the launch in 2013 of the Galaxy Note 7.

This delay was blamed on “production delays” at the company’s Cupertino, California, facility and a “technical issue”.

“We’re not happy about the delay and we’re not going to take it lightly,” Apple chief executive Tim Cook said at a press conference on Tuesday, after announcing the delay for the iPad.

“We’ve been through this before, we’re just here to deliver something new.”

He added that “we’re not in a position to announce anything until we’re closer to the end of our engineering and manufacturing process”.

It is not clear why the iPad is still being delayed.

Apple has previously said it was “working hard” to get the iPad to market before the end-of-March holiday period.

It has also released its first detailed technical information about the device, including specifications, a price, and release dates for the two main models.

Apple said on Tuesday that the iPad 4 would be the first “mini” iPad to hit the market and that the new iPad would have a resolution of 1,280×480.

“The iPad 4 will be the largest iPad yet,” Cook said.

“It’s the most powerful iPad ever.

The iPad 4 is going to be a game-changer.”

The iPad Pro is being built on top of a new processor and a new architecture, but its dimensions and weight are still unclear.

The design and design of the new iPads is largely the same as the previous iPad models, but there are new features, such as the AirPods earphones, which can also be attached to the new model.

The AirPucks feature an audio jack, which makes it possible to listen to music without having to hold the device.

However, it is not possible to connect them to a wireless earpiece or headphones.

Apple is also pushing to make it easier for users to add new apps to the iPad, such a video-sharing app called iMovie, and to make editing, sharing and searching easier.

It also said that it was launching the new iWork suite, which it said would be a “world-class” productivity tool.

The new iPad Pro comes with a range of new features including new cameras, wireless charging, a faster processor, and new connectivity options, including 3G and LTE.

“Apple has created a world-class product that is well positioned to be the most compelling new device in the world for the next decade,” Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, said at the press conference.

Read more about the iPad in Apple’s press release. “

Today we have a great product to share with you and we will share more details as they become available.”

Read more about the iPad in Apple’s press release.

Apple is launching a new tablet, but the launch has been delayed for reasons that are not yet clear.

The device is still not expected to launch until the end, or at the end the first quarter of 2017, according to the company.

Read more about Apple’s latest iPad

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